How to Make Your Realtor Cringe:

I pride myself on excellent customer service and truly love to go the extra mile to help my clients find just the right home. I work evenings and weekends, answer my phone at all hours, drive pretty much anywhere, do extensive research, write letters to neighborhoods where my clients want to live, anything to make them happy. But when I hear you, a client, say, “well, we don’t have to buy anything, we’re in no hurry” it deflates me just as if you had let the air out of my RE/MAX balloon!



If you’re not ready to buy in the immediate future, you should spend more time researching, looking online and driving by properties before you start going out with your agent. Once you’re going out with a Realtor, you’re in a hurry! You may not realize it (even though I’ve told you) but everything in the Real Estate business is predicated on a ticking clock. It doesn’t matter if something has been on the market one day or 101 days, if you like it, you need to move on it!


There is something in the universe that says that if you’ve been looking at something for weeks that has had no offers, turning it over in your mind, mulling it over, doing the math, that when you finally decide to move forward, someone else will, too! You can’t wait until there will be no competition, because that time will never come. You may not always be in a multiple offer situation, but a good property is not going to sit on the market for long. And you want a good property!


Once you start going out with your Realtor, you need to commit to the buying process. I’ve found that the clients who move through the process to actually purchase a home have been very focused and devote time and effort to the partnership between us of finding a home that works for them. And that helps me work for them, too!